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Guitar instructor & performer


 Embark on Your Musical Odyssey.


Greetings, music enthusiasts! I'm Andres G.B., and I'm excited to have you here at my guitar hub. If you're ready to explore the electric guitar and dive into modern music styles such as blues, rock, funk, pop, and jazz, you're about to embark on an exciting journey.

"Andrés is a top guitar teacher and a great person. Feel very lucky to have found him over a year ago. He teaches both myself and my daughter following two very different plans adjusted to our specific needs. We have clear goals but there is enough flexibility to adjust the path and explore different options to overcome our specific challenges and secure engagement and results. All in all could not ask for more!"


Pedro Calado

“Learning to play guitar is not easy but Andres is able to make it accessible and fun.Following Andres method our daughter is showing constant progresses while developing a real passion for music. Highly recommended!!"



Nicola Checcacci 

"I have been practicing with Andres for quite a while now and I have made good progress because of him. He focuses on important points to get right in order to play musically. He is also a very kind and nice person. We were able to tailor the lesson to my specific needs and interest and having great time together."



Ayberk Vardar

Guitar lessons

Your Musical Path, Your Way

In this space, learning goes beyond the strings—it's about nurturing your musical identity and finding your distinct voice. Whether you're a newbie taking your initial steps, an intermediate player with ambitions or a professional,  my lessons are designed to match your goals, preferences, and learning pace. Together, we'll delve into techniques, theory, and the art of self-expression


60 minutes €45

45 minutes €40

30 minutes €30

About me

Get to Know me

I'm Andres G.B., a dedicated guitar enthusiast with a passion for teaching.

With years of experience in both performing and instructing, I've had the privilege of guiding countless students on their musical journeys. 'm not just a guitarist; I'm armed with the insights of a master's study in music education. This unique perspective allows me to tailor my approach to your individual needs, ensuring that you not only learn to play the guitar but also develop a deep understanding of the music you create.

I'm here to help you every step of the way.

I have studied Jazz Guitar at  the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, at Fontys ( Tilburg ) and at Musikene (Spain).



Curious about my musical endeavors? Check out my latest tracks below, a testament to my ongoing exploration of musical innovation and creativity.

Guitar / Bass/ Andres G.B.

Drums / Miguel Benito

Composed & Produced by Andres G.B.

Cover / Jesus Garcia Vicente

Master/ Juan Nieva

Guitar / Andres G.B.

Bass / Daniel G. Lison

Drums / Miguel Benito

Composed & Produced by Andres G.B.

Cover / Jesus Garcia Vicente

Recorded during 2020 and 2021

Guitar / Andres G.B.

Contrabass / Ignacio Santoro

Drums / Jorrit Romme

Composed & Produced by Andres G.B.

Cover / Jesus Garcia Vicente

Recorded on 6 & 7 march 2020

For quick bursts of inspiration, follow my Instagram page @andresgbmus, where you'll find an array of captivating licks and musical ideas to ignite your playing.



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Are you prepared to create, innovate, and evolve as a guitarist? Let's connect! Whether your ambitions involve mastering that elusive solo, grooving to intricate rhythms, or unlocking the world of jazz improvisation, I'm here to guide you. Your journey toward becoming a confident and skilled musician starts with a simple action—get in touch to schedule your initial lesson.


You can let me know by filling out the form below,

giving me a call at +31 (0)6 474 832 67

or email me at

Hope to see you soon!


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